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Into The Abyss…Gifts To Prepare Your Graduate For The Next Step!


Someone in your life has made it to the end of their high school or college career- how exciting!  For many people, graduation marks the beginning of the rest of their lives.  This time is filled with beautiful rainbows and possibilities.  These people are ready to tread down their sparkly paved path and begin their lives.

For other people, however, graduating may seem more like they are standing on a cliff with zero visibility.  These people cannot see anything beyond the moment that they are in.  They are preparing themselves to blindly jump off of said cliff into the abyss.

As teenagers, my sister fell into the first category and I fell into the second category.  We both ended up with unexpected turns and jagged rocks along our path.  We both also took years to finally find success.  This just goes to show that regardless of the category that your graduate may fall into,they are not guaranteed to succeed right away.   While no one can guarantee success, here are some things that you are able to do to help them get there as soon as possible.

*Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this post, but all opinions are my own.

Communicate with them about their goals for the future.

As I mentioned before, I had very little ambition, and my path after high school was quite ambiguous.  My sister, on the other hand, had ambition, but was unsure of how to focus her goals.  I contribute a portion of this to not having had any conversations with the adults in our lives about our futures.  So be sure that you have that conversation with your graduate.  A perfect gift to accompany this conversation is the Passion Planner.  This planner comes in many different colors, and includes an area for scheduling (job interviews perhaps?), notes, doodles, and goal setting!

Be a Motivator, not a NAGivator.

Motivating involves sharing constructive criticism, while also listening and being supportive.  Nagging involves harping on someone repeatedly, while offering no encouragement or helpful advice.  Motivation can be difficult for recent graduates, considering that they have just finished the marathon that is high school or college, and they are tired!  A great gift for this would be a motivational book to get that recent graduate jump started.  Some books for motivating young adults for the future are The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Jump by Steve Harvey.  These books help readers change to successful mindsets in order to prepare for a successful future.

Financial Planning.

Plan to have your graduate meet with a financial planner to go over tips for being financially healthy.  Or just get them a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money.  How I wish that someone had given this book to me when I was a graduate.  I could have avoided the many pitfalls of debt and bad choices.  However, I fell into the pit before coming into contact with Dave Ramsey, and am still climbing my way out of debt.

Purchase Job Hunting Necessities.  

Chances are that your graduate is about to turn job hunting into a full-time career.  You could assist here by providing them with a gas card or metro pass.  Other necessary items include a cell phone and internet, which could be prepaid (by you) for a period of time to assist your graduate.  Professional clothing is also a hit.  Chances are that a high school or college student did not wear professional attire on a daily basis.  A trip to the mall could be beneficial as well.

Purchase a Blog Domain.

Your graduate is starting a new journey, and what better way to share that journey than through blogging!  This could be a way for your graduate to make some extra cash, and also inspire others.  Purchase a domain through Bluehost (click below), and get them started using this post.


As you can see, this is not a long list of frivolous gifts for graduation, but rather a short list of items that could really help your graduate be successful in the long run.  This road has been traveled too many times to allow your graduate to fall into the abyss!


5 Ways For Mother’s To Build Strong Relationships With Their Daughter’s!

Hi again!

I went to a family function today (housewarming for my niece), and had a bit of an epiphany when my mother arrived.  You see, my mother and I have always had a strained relationship, and time has only made it even more strained.  Anywho, the epiphany that I had was that I would do anything to guarantee that my relationship with my daughter does not turn out the way that my relationship with my mother has.  That is what has inspired this post.  My daughter and I have an incredible relationship at this time, and I would like to share with you some of the things that we do as a mother/daughter duo to keep our relationship strong.

*Disclosure: This blog does include affiliate links.  This means that if you click on the link and purchase something through it, I will be paid a commission with no extra cost being charged to you.  Although affiliate links are included, all opinions are based on my actual feelings of the products.

  1. Start a beauty routine together.  Every two weeks, my daughter and I visit the hair salon.  After becoming beautified, we go shopping, out to eat, or even to a movie together.  The guys in our life know that when we go to get our hair fixed, it will be an all day event because that is our day alone.  I also love the fact that getting my 10 year old daughter used to this routine will help her take better care of herself in the future.


2. Run a marathon together.  My daughter and I ran/walked the Color Run 5k together.  This was my second time running the marathon, but her first.  I had a great time the first time, but running it with my daughter was indescribable!  We encouraged each other but still had a lot of fun!  If running is not an exciting topic for you, we have also done a river tubing trip together.  River tubing is less strenuous, and sitting in a tube together for hours is definitely a way to build your relationship!

By the way, if you really like the scrapbook page, visit Creativity, Inked.  This lovely lady happens to be my sister and often swipes pictures from my Facebook page to scrap with.  Thank you for the beautiful graphics Sis!


3. Start a mother/daughter journal together.  Amazon sells these amazing journals that provide writing prompts for you and your daughter to really open the lines of communication up with.  These journals really take the guess work out of what to write next, but if money is an issue simply make up your own writing prompts and use a regular spiral notebook.

4. Get hands on!  This could involve building wreaths together, gardening, doing household chores together (my daughter enjoys doing laundry with me), or making t-shirts together (tye dye is our favorite).  It really does not matter what you decide to do or make, just that it is something that you two are able to do together!

5. Get her interested in your career.  My daughter already wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so that is an easy one for me.  She helps me grade papers, joins me on teacher workdays, and even helps me prepare for work stations or games.  This is even more time that we are able to bond over, and it also helps me not have to do so much work on my own!


My daughter and I are pretty adventurous, and we love hands-on activities (as you can tell from this post).  Please leave us your suggestions on things that you and your daughter do together to help keep your relationship strong.  Thanks for visiting!