My Trip To Disney!- Day 13 (30 Day Challenge)

Day 13 of Katy Widrick’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge asks me to share a place that I have visited before, and would like to visit again.  That answer is easy- Disney World!!!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are solely my own.

My Trip To Disney

I was over 30 the first time that I went to Disney.  The trip was already amazing, but to make it even better, it was the week of my birthday!  And a school week ( I was absent an entire week)!  And my entire family was there!  #Winning!

We drove (about 6 cars) from South Carolina to Florida.  The crew included myself and my three children, four of my five siblings (and spouses), all of their children, and my Dad and his “special friend”.  We made up a group of about 27 people!  We cashed in some timeshare points at the Bluegreen resort, and had about 6 suites to house everyone.

To save money, we came up with a plan to have each room host a dinner one day.  Everyone was on their own for breakfast and lunch.  This worked out well, but we ended up with a LOT of leftovers!

What We Did Each Day

Day 1: We arrived, hung out around the resort (which was amazing, and I am not being paid to say that), and went to the store to stock up on food.  My sisters are super prepared, so one of them had cooked their dinner before we left and froze it.  We popped that in the oven, and had a no fuss meal.

Day 2: Off to Animal Kingdom.  With that many people, it is impossible to get everyone up and ready by a set time.  My niece woke up and made us all Mickey Mouse pancakes .  We arrived to the park and had an amazing time!  This was also the night of the fireworks show, so we stayed for that.  After leaving the park, we went back to the resort and played in the pool for hours!

Day 3:  Epcot was on the agenda for today.  This park was a lot of fun, and the International Food Festival was in full swing making it even better!  I sampled so many different foods from so many different places!

Day 4: Hollywood Studios on my birthday!  Three words- Tower of Terror!  There were so many amazing rides here, but the Tower of Terror was the most AMAZINGEST!  After all of this fun, we went back to the hotel where my family had a surprise party waiting for me and my nephew since we share a birthday.

Day 5: The magic kingdom!  This also happened to fall on the night of the Halloween party!  We dressed up in our costumes, and stayed at the park for most of the day.  The original plan was to go back to the resort to eat before the Halloween party, but we ended up being short on time.  Instead, we stayed at the park from that morning until the Halloween party was over (about 1am).  We were beat, but it was worth it!  Running around the park at night with the children was so much fun!

*BTW: The photos may be a little mixed up.  I could not remember where some of the photos were taken, so I just tossed them in.

Why I Want To Go Back

As you can see, we took part in so many different things!  Our days were packed from minute to minute!  While this was so much fun, we also were able to see which parks were not our favorites.

When we go back, we will do the park hoppers pass, and only go to the parks that we want to.  If we get to one and do not enjoy it, we will leave and go elsewhere.

I also want to go back because it was just plain fun!


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