The First Time I Fell In Love- Day 10 (30 Day Blogging Challenge)



Had someone asked me 20 years ago when the first time I fell in love was, my answer would have been on multiple occasions.  At 33, I am wise enough to know that the answer is most certainly only once.

My very first boyfriend was in high school, and I thought that I was in love and headed towards marriage!  I thought that everything in our relationship was great, and was preparing to finish high school as he went off to college.  All of a sudden, he stops by my house with a letter breaking up with me.  I was devastated!  Worst yet, the problems that he mentioned were ones that I had never heard about before!

I remember crying to my Dad because I was so heartbroken!  We got back together the next day, only to have him break up with me again about a week later!  By that time, I was done!

When he called me before leaving for college to go out on a date, I had a plan!  When he came to pick me up for this “date”, he was surprised to see my sister/BFF with me.  We had him take us to the movies and out to eat, and also pay for it all.  We completely ignored him and focused on each other the entire time.  By the time he dropped us off, I think he had figured out not to bother calling again.

At that time, I considered myself in love.  As you can see by how quickly I was over him, it was not love at all!

The Real Thing

When I met my husband, things were immediately different.  We talked about everything, good and bad.  We always knew where we stood with one another, so there were no uncommunicated problems.  I may have thought that I was in love before, but my husband is the first man to ever hold my heart!

The difference between these two experiences are the communication and commitment.  With my husband, we communicate about our problems.  We also forgive each other and stick together.  So many people feel like love is something that is always smooth when it is not.  It is actually one of the roughest roads you will ever travel, but the right partner could make it the most satisfying, too!


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