Why ALL Teachers Should Blog For Money!


I began teaching in 2013, and was so excited about the endless possibilities!  I was taking a pretty large salary increase leaving my job at an insurance agency, and I was going to have holiday breaks and the entire summer off!  Veteran teachers are reading that first sentence and laughing their butts off!

The truth of the matter is that teachers spend a good part of their holiday breaks catching up on grading or getting ready for the next unit they will teach.  The summers are spent on Pinterest trying to prepare for the upcoming school year and make sure you are able to be better than you were the year before.  Before I was a teacher, I left the house around 7:30am and returned by 5:45 each day.  As a teacher, I leave the house at 6:40 and usually do not return until 6:30 in the evening.  Not to mention that I bring work home with me EVERYDAY.  That was something that I never did in my prior profession.

Money is a completely different story!  At my previous job, I was compensated for every minute that I stayed past 5:30.  As a teacher, there is no overtime, just a constant need to be better than you already are.  Money is also something that most teachers are quick to say they do not get enough off, considering the amount of work they do.  Many of these teachers are working a second job or spending their summers working for extra cash.

This brings me to my reasons that teachers should really pick up a hobby- blogging for money!  Follow along in this list, and if you are able to compare yourself to the things I am saying in the post, click the Bluehost link below so that you can start blogging today!

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Reason #1- Teachers are interesting!  The school that I work at now has one teacher who was a body builder in her former life, another who knows everything from video games to WWE, and another who ate a ghost pepper as a dare from his students and recorded it!  This is all within one hallway of my school!  Teachers really are a group of creative and interesting people!  All of those special characteristics that you have could be your niche!  Let a blog be your creative outlet!


Reason #2- Time.  As I mentioned before, many of these teachers leave school and go to a second job.  Some of them make extra change for coaching a sport (and it really is change).  A blog is VERY time consuming in the beginning, but eventually it levels out and is less consuming.  Working a second job is investing in someone else’s business.  Your blog would be you investing in your own business.


Reason #3- Money.  Yes, you are able to make extra money working a second job.  The more you work, the more money that you make.  Well, blogging is more time up front for little to no money, but if you stick with it and follow the advice of others before you, the money could surpass your wildest expectations!  What would you do with $2,000 extra each month?  That income and much more is possible with a successful blog!


Reason #4- Meet new people!  As a teacher, I have gotten so used to interacting with students that interacting with adults is a challenge!  Blogging allows you to interact with tons of people, and the best part about it for us introverts is that it is all done via the web!  To become a blogger is to become a part of a community of people who are all striving to help you meet your goals!


There you have it- the reasons why all teachers should be blogging for money.  The best part of all is that this inspiration in the form of a post comes right before summer vacation!  This means that you are able to go ahead and start your site through Bluehost, and you have this summer to put in the work necessary to make your blog a success!  Click the Bluehost link below to start your site, and then follow my Blogging Board on Pinterest for ideas to help your blog become successful.  After setting up your Bluehost account, hop over to Marie Mwimba’s “Ladies Make Money” page to see how to gain followers and really promote your page.  Don’t worry if you are a male- these tips will work for you too.  Thanks for reading and hope to blog with you soon!






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