April 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Their Blog!

I have survived my first week of blogging!  For a person who is a little technically challenged, this is a HUGE accomplishment!  Not only have I survived the first week, but I have everything in place to begin monetizing my blog.  I am now going to share with you the most helpful tools, blogs, and sites that I have found for all aspects of my blog.  Let’s get started with your blog!

*Disclosure: Affiliate links are included, however, all opinions are truly my own.

Set up your domain.

This is a given!  To start off, you need a website.  If you know that you want to monetize your blog, go ahead and set your page up using Bluehost.  Click the link below to get started, and I will walk you through.

  • Click the green “get started” button.  You are given three options at this point” basic, plus, or prime.  Basic is all that you need at this time, so click the “select” button.


  • Choose the domain name.  This is what your site will be called.  I had been planning my blog for awhile, and really thinking about my passions.  I decided that I wanted my blog to be about family, teaching, and running a monetized blog.  For this reason, I chose the name Moteapreneur- it was all of my passions combined.  You may be a lot more creative than I am, but make sure your name is a symbol of what you want your blog to be about.  You may have to try a few times if the name is taken, but you will get it!


  • Create your account and choose your package add-ons.  I researched this, and in the end decided that the only add-on that I needed was domain privacy.  My total cost for 36 months was $154.08.  Read and agree to the terms, and then hit submit.  You have now created your domain!
  • Once you have started your domain, you will need to download WordPress.  Simply scroll down your screen and click on the WordPress icon.

Design your site.

  Now you have set up your page, but it is not yet launched!  You need to spend some time designing your site before launching it.  It took me about a week of non-stop working to get my site set up the way that I wanted it.  If you start planning before purchasing your site, it could take you less time.  If you do not want to work non-stop, it could take you more time.  This part really depends on you.  Here are the things you need to get your site ready to launch.

  • Pictures for your pages.  The only camera that I had was my IPhone, so I ended up purchasing a Panasonic Lumix from Amazon.  While your cellphone may work for you, I wanted something that would make my pictures appear more professional.  The other option is stock photos.  Elna from Twins Mommy blog has some great tips for my favorite type of stock photos- free!  Check out her post on this here.   A big no-no for photos is do not use any photos that are not your own unless you have permission!  Either take your own photos or get stock photos, but do not copy and paste them!  You are going to need a professional looking photo of yourself for your homepage, and also a header image that people will see when they first land on your site.  I had my husband take a picture of me in the front yard for the first, and used a stock photo for the second.


  • Sign up for Adobe Spark.  It is free and allows you to create posts for blogs and social media.  You will be able to upload your photos, add captions, and more.  You want to have a theme for your blog, including colors and fonts that you are using.  Regina at has an awesome post that really helps you when designing your theme.  Check the post out here, and know that it does include freebies to help you design…are you seeing a trend with me?  I LOVE freebies!  Use Adobe Spark to make 3 different pictures for every blog, one for Pinterest, one for the blog, and one for social medias.  Check out Kelly at the Red Lantern Creative blog here as she tells you why this is so important!  I found her post after I had already written a few posts, and I went back and changed them all using her advice.


  • Write some posts!  When you roll your site out, having 3-5 (or more) posts already prepared is ideal.  You want people to read your first post and fall in love.  Once they are in love, you want to have something else for them to read available right away.  I broke my site up into a few different categories, and I tried to have at least one post in each category. You do not want people to have to search through all of your posts to find the information about riding horses, or raising chickens.  This is where categories come into place.  My specialty topics are mothering, teaching, and blogging.  I also did an overflow category titled knick knacks for whatever else I may want to post about.  This helps visitors find the information they are looking for easily.


  • Now log onto your site, and let’s start customizing.  I end up on a page that looked like this when I was ready to start designing my page.


  • Click on Appearance to choose a theme.  I went with Kale, which is a free theme.  There are also many paid ones.  One thing I focused on was the ratings for each one.  I do not know why a theme would have a rating of 2/5 or 3/5, but I also knew that I did not want to find out.  I stuck with the 4/5 or 5/5 ratings.


  • Click dashboard when you are ready to go back to the main page.  Next, Click on the button with the name of your site at the top left.


  • This will take you to the main page of your blog.  Now click on the customize button at the top left.  


  • This will give you options for customizing your page, while also seeing what it looks like on your actual page.
  • Pay attention to those icons at the bottom.  This allows you to see how your changes look on a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.  Click them to see the differences.


  • Now click through each tab and add photos and content as necessary.  This is the part that you can only learn by doing.  There is no way to prepare you for this, just click around and make changes.  If you like it, save it.  If you don’t like it, don’t save it.


  • Once you are finished, save your changes and close out of the customization tab.  This will take you back to your web page.


  • This time, click on the name of your site beside the customization tab.  This will take you back to the page you started on.


  • Now begin customizing everything else using the links on the left.  Add your posts, edit your categories, check your pages.  I also added some plugins and widgets that will probably be helpful to you.  These are Ad Inserter, Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, Bluehost Affiliator, Google Analytics, MOJO Marketplace, and Pinterest Badge.  To add these, click on the Plugins tab on the left of your page.  From the drop down menu, choose Add New, and then type in the name of the one you will like to add.  Descriptions are located on each one, so read them and be sure they are something you will use.  After adding them, activate them.


  • Your website is now ready to launch, but there is still much to do first.  Set up an email address for your website.  I used Outlook, but there are also ways to have an email account ending in your domain name.  I do not feel that is important, so I will let you research that on your own if that is what you would like to do.  In my opinion, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, or Yahoo will get the job done here.

Set up your social media accounts.

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the ones that I focus on.  After setting up my social media accounts, I began using Tailwind to help me schedule posts.  To build your following, you have to post things quite often. After you set up your social media accounts, you also need to try to build them.  I use CrowdFire for this.  It reminds me when to post, and also helps me make my posts sound better.  I am using the free version, and my Twitter and Instagram followings are growing already!

Set up your Affiliates.

  The easiest ones to set up were Groupon Affiliates, Amazon Affiliates, and Bluehost Affiliates.  Others that I applied for were Commission Junction (CJ) and ShareASale.  These are all free to set up, and allow you to start earning money immediately.  I had to apply for ShareASale and Commision Junction, but I had an answer back within a couple of days.  As a beginner, these affiliates can be a lot to keep up with, so I suggest choosing about 5 to start off with.  When you write these posts, link whatever you can back to an affiliate item.  There are wonderful posts to help you with affiliates, but I simply highlight the word that I would like people to be able to click on, and then paste my affiliate link to the item there.

*Remember to ALWAYS add a disclosure clause to sites that will include affiliate links.  My disclosure clause is simple:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I will receive a commission with no extra charge to you if your purchase this item.  While I may receive a commission, all opinions are my own.

The last thing for you to do is set up a schedule for your posting.

I plan to start using a 3 day per week posting schedule where I post new items on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The other days will be for me to grow social media and promote my posts.  Check out Erin Shebish’s blog here for a free business plan workbook to help you with planning.  This workbook offers spaces for you to plan your month, set up any giveaways, set goals, and really define your blog.  And it is FREE!

This should get your started.  There is no way to give you all of the information that you will need, but I tried to consider all of the research that I did, and present the things that I found most helpful.  Once all of this is finished, launch your blog and promote, promote, promote!


17 Days Until Mother’s Day- Top Gift Ideas Here!

It is that wonderful time again- the time where for just one day, mother’s are able to take advantage of the people in their lives for some much needed rest.  That is right, Mother’s Day is 17 days away, and I am here to make sure that it is a huge success for the mother in your life.

There will be no kitchen appliances delivered on Mother’s Day this year!  No vacuum cleaners or fishing trips!  No cute animals that we will have to clean up after for the rest of their lives!  You may have thought that these were good ideas but I am here to tell you that they are NOT!  This Mother’s Day, we are going to come together in a way that has never been seen before and make it a hit for the mother in your life.  How you ask?  Imagine it with me…

She wakes up that morning, and you have already gotten up with the children.  You have breakfast ready and the kids are already eating when you bring her food to her in bed.  You even have her coffee made just the way she likes it.  You have the T.V. on her favorite show, or have her favorite book ready for her as she eats breakfast.

After she finishes eating, you take her plate away and bring the children in.  Allow the children to give her their handmade gifts that were made in school.  The hand painted pictures and homemade bubble bath is always a treat.  The coupon books that promises things that we all know the children are not really going to do, also makes us smile.

Once those gifts are finished, you follow it up with the grand finale.  Here are some of the top gift ideas that will totally make her day.

*Disclosure: Affiliate links are included from here on.  While I receive a small commission if you purchase from one of these links, these opinions are all my own.  Let’s make that mother in your life smile!

1. Fitbit or other fitness tracker.  I love the Fitbit since more people have one and it allows you to challenge your friends who also have one.  My favorite is the Charge 2.  This is one gift that I wear everyday, and it was definitely worth the money!

2. Pandora charm bracelets.  Charm bracelets are very popular, and Pandora is a brand that is known and loved.  The link to the bracelet is here, but customize it with charms that she will really love, such as the Starbucks charm or an initial.  This is also a gift that keeps on giving since you are able to add to it throughout the year.

3. A blanket with the kid’s faces on it (or grandkids).

4. Wine… No explanation necessary!  Groupon has a deal- 15 bottles for $65!  Sign me up!


5.Shutterfly Books.   These are personalized to contain pictures of your family.  This is one of those gifts that will probably make her cry…but not the same crying that she would have done had you bought a toaster.

6. These ridiculously awesome bath bombs by Pure Original.

7. A beautiful sterling silver band with names and birthstones of the kids.

8. Personalized hot/cold tumblers…similar to a Yeti.

9. Engraved baby feet imprints pendant.  This would be a great gift for a new mother- one who only has one child.  Not so great for the people like me who have 3…that would be 3 different pendants!

10. Kate Spade Accessories.  Kate Spade is a genius when it comes to designing handbags, earrings, wallets, and more!  The handbags are quite expensive, but the other items are reasonable.  A few are listed below.


Taking the Pain Out of Standardized Testing….For Teachers At Least!


Here we are again…the end of the school year.  We see the light at the end of the tunnel…it is almost time to leave the building never to return again (until August).  However, like everything else in life, the pain comes before the pleasure.  For teachers, it is in the form of state standardized testing.  Imagine if you will, being trapped in a classroom (you can’t even go to the restroom) with 25+ students as they test as if their lives depend on it.  The students must leave everything they own in their lockers or at the front of the classroom.  They are not even allowed to get up to sharpen a pencil or get a tissue.  The teachers must actively walk around the room (but better not even glance at the test).  Teachers cannot even turn the computer on.  And books, notebooks, cell phones, and anything else except breathing is strictly forbidden.  How do we survive, you ask?  Wonderful question!  A few years ago, my wonderful 7th grade team member printed out a list of what activities teachers are able to do to survive the dreaded test.  I cannot remember the points of the list, so I got creative instead.  Below is a list of activities that will not disrupt the kids during testing, but will help you survive the longest, most boringest time of your life!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are truly my own.

  1. Imagine you are a dancer.  I let classical music play in my mind as I drift skillfully up and down the rows of desks.  I even put in a few head whips when I am feeling really adventurous.  I also like to pretend that I am Jennifer Gray in that final scene of Dirty Dancing.
  2. Racecar driver.  My personal favorite!  I speed up and down the aisles with the wind whipping through my hair.  I pick up speed going down the rows, but I have to slow down around the corners to shift gears.
  3. See how long you can walk on your tiptoes.  This one can become a personal challenge.  We test for days at a time, so I always try to beat my prior day’s top score.
  4. Pretend you are frozen but trying to break free.  This will be an awkward walk, but those students should be concentrating on testing, not on you!
  5. Give the students superhero (or villain) names.  I also enjoy this one.  I tease one student because she always loses her glasses so she would be Blindelocks.  She would also be a superhero because she is so sweet.  I have another student who reminds me of a Golden Lemur…he would be Ringtail and definitely a villain.
  6. Make bets with yourself on who will finish first or last.  I know, I know, all of the students will do their very best on this test.  However, I also know that the young lady by the door will most likely be finished with all 1000 questions in the first 20 minutes.  If I am correct, I treat myself to something nice.
  7. Track your steps.  I have a Fitbit, and the other teachers in the school do as well.  We challenge each other to see who will make the most steps in a day.  The winner could buy lunch or bring snacks the next day.  I also like to see what my unit rate of steps is.  For example, if I walk 100 steps in one minute, I try to guess how many steps I will be at after 10 minutes.  Of course, I have to match what the monitor says to get my daily dose of self satisfaction.
  8. Do mini exercises.  For example, high step five times.  Other good “non-disruptive” exercises are butt clenches, side twists, sucking in your abs, and mini lunges.
  9. Be a cowboy.  You have to walk around with spare pencils anyway.  Put the pencils by your hip and stalk around the room like a cowboy.  When a student raises their hand for one, whip it out like a weapon.
  10. Be a ballerina.  This goes along with dancing, but oh well.  Walk on your tiptoes and repeat in your head “I’m a beautiful flower, I’m a beautiful flower”.
  11. Be a zombie.  If you are a walking dead fan, show some spirit (did you get my puns?).  Pretend to be the walking dead…or better yet, let the children be the walking dead and you be the hero.
  12. Subway Surfers.  Be the little boy from Subway Surfer.  Jump (lightly as to not disrupt anyone) to collect coins and duck (slightly) to avoid overpasses.
  13. Be the Queen (or King).  You are the only one standing in the room so it is easy enough to pretend they are bowing to you.  Also do your best high and mighty walk.
  14. Walk a tight rope.  Use the lines on the floor as your tight rope and try to keep yourself balanced on it as you walk up and down the aisles.

That is all I have.  I think the biggest one for me is being sure to wear my Fitbit.  I am usually at 10,000 steps by 10am.

I am sure I left some pretty exciting ones out, so please leave a comment and let me know what you do to get you through testing!

Why ALL Teachers Should Blog For Money!


I began teaching in 2013, and was so excited about the endless possibilities!  I was taking a pretty large salary increase leaving my job at an insurance agency, and I was going to have holiday breaks and the entire summer off!  Veteran teachers are reading that first sentence and laughing their butts off!

The truth of the matter is that teachers spend a good part of their holiday breaks catching up on grading or getting ready for the next unit they will teach.  The summers are spent on Pinterest trying to prepare for the upcoming school year and make sure you are able to be better than you were the year before.  Before I was a teacher, I left the house around 7:30am and returned by 5:45 each day.  As a teacher, I leave the house at 6:40 and usually do not return until 6:30 in the evening.  Not to mention that I bring work home with me EVERYDAY.  That was something that I never did in my prior profession.

Money is a completely different story!  At my previous job, I was compensated for every minute that I stayed past 5:30.  As a teacher, there is no overtime, just a constant need to be better than you already are.  Money is also something that most teachers are quick to say they do not get enough off, considering the amount of work they do.  Many of these teachers are working a second job or spending their summers working for extra cash.

This brings me to my reasons that teachers should really pick up a hobby- blogging for money!  Follow along in this list, and if you are able to compare yourself to the things I am saying in the post, click the Bluehost link below so that you can start blogging today!

*Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate ads but all opinions are mine and mine alone.



Reason #1- Teachers are interesting!  The school that I work at now has one teacher who was a body builder in her former life, another who knows everything from video games to WWE, and another who ate a ghost pepper as a dare from his students and recorded it!  This is all within one hallway of my school!  Teachers really are a group of creative and interesting people!  All of those special characteristics that you have could be your niche!  Let a blog be your creative outlet!


Reason #2- Time.  As I mentioned before, many of these teachers leave school and go to a second job.  Some of them make extra change for coaching a sport (and it really is change).  A blog is VERY time consuming in the beginning, but eventually it levels out and is less consuming.  Working a second job is investing in someone else’s business.  Your blog would be you investing in your own business.


Reason #3- Money.  Yes, you are able to make extra money working a second job.  The more you work, the more money that you make.  Well, blogging is more time up front for little to no money, but if you stick with it and follow the advice of others before you, the money could surpass your wildest expectations!  What would you do with $2,000 extra each month?  That income and much more is possible with a successful blog!


Reason #4- Meet new people!  As a teacher, I have gotten so used to interacting with students that interacting with adults is a challenge!  Blogging allows you to interact with tons of people, and the best part about it for us introverts is that it is all done via the web!  To become a blogger is to become a part of a community of people who are all striving to help you meet your goals!


There you have it- the reasons why all teachers should be blogging for money.  The best part of all is that this inspiration in the form of a post comes right before summer vacation!  This means that you are able to go ahead and start your site through Bluehost, and you have this summer to put in the work necessary to make your blog a success!  Click the Bluehost link below to start your site, and then follow my Blogging Board on Pinterest for ideas to help your blog become successful.  After setting up your Bluehost account, hop over to Marie Mwimba’s “Ladies Make Money” page to see how to gain followers and really promote your page.  Don’t worry if you are a male- these tips will work for you too.  Thanks for reading and hope to blog with you soon!





Getting Your Blog Up and Running!

Starting a blog, WOW!  What a process!  I am a planner by nature, so when I decided to start a blog, the first thing that I did was research, research, and research.  Even with all of my research, nothing really prepares you for starting your blog except for starting your blog.  That sounds crazy, but it is true.  The things outlined in this post are the things that I felt as if I were completely unprepared for.  I have done the research to help you get the answers that you need, simply click on the links for the topics you have questions about.  Here are the basics on getting you started.

*Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this post but all opinions are my own.

Step 1: Decide what to blog about and what to name your blog.   All of the research that I looked at said that it is very important to make your blog about your passion.  I have multiple passions, so I chose to write a lifestyle blog about my top three.  Once I knew what I would write about, I looked at how to combine those things into a name.  From there Moteapreneur was built- mo for mothering, the family portion of my blog, tea for teaching, the teaching part of my blog, and trepreneur for the blogness part of my blog.  This part was the easiest for me, but I included it because you will need to have this decided before you actually create your blog.

Step 2: Setup a blue host account and download word press to it.  When you do this, you need to have a name picked out.  My afore mentioned research led me to Blue Host, and I must admit that signing up for this site is quick, easy, and only $3.95 per month.  When you click on the link below, you will receive step by step instructions to set up your blog.  I really appreciated the fact that although my domain was created, it was not yet launched.  I was able to update content and continuously check each portion of my blog before actually launching my site.

Step 3: You will need really nice photos to help your blog stand out from the other blogs.  I did not have a camera, so I ended up purchasing this one from Amazon.  This one cost a bit more than I wanted to spend, however, I felt that a really good camera was necessary to get the best pictures.  Plus, I plan to do this for years to come so I knew it would eventually pay for itself.

Once you have your camera, update your home and about pages on your website.  Like I said, I would preview my page after every change to make sure that it would be perfect when rolled out.

Step 4: Set up your affiliate accounts.  Amazon Affiliates is the best because all that you have to do it set up an account and you are able to begin immediately!  I also set up an account with ShareASale,, Bluehost, and Rakuten Linkshare.  Between these sites, I found everything that I wanted to associated with amongst these sites, and I feel that if I choose to add more in the future, I will.  Other sites that you are able to choose from are Affiliate Window and Impact Radius.  Check out the Moteapreneur blogging board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Step 5: Write some posts!  I had 3 categories, teaching, family, and blogging.  My plan was to have 2 posts per category, but I ended up launching the site with only 1 post per category.  Sometimes you have to ditch your plans and just roll with it, just be sure that whatever you are doing you are comfortable with.  In order to be successful with affiliates, you need to make sure that your links for your affiliate accounts are woven into your posts.  One of my first posts talked about teacher appreciate gifts, and Amazon links were all through there.  Find a way to build your links into your posts without being too salesy.

Step 6: Social Media is now your life!  I am not a huge social media person.  I had a Facebook page and of course Pinterest, but I was reluctant to set up Twitter and Instagram.  If you are like that, you need to change it now.  I created a page within my Facebook page for Moteapreneur.  That was the easy part.  I then used my images to really set up my page.  I also rearranged my Pinterest page a little to make it more friendly for my business.  I set up a board just for Moteapreneur, and then I started posting my own pins instead of just repining others pins.  Twitter was probably the easiest to use, and I really do not know why I avoided it for so long.  Nevertheless, set up your social media accounts and get them linked to your domain.  For more information setting up and gaining followers on social media, visit Marie Mwimba over at Ladies Make Money.

Step 7: Embedding social media pins into your domain.  I struggled with this until I came across Carrie Loves blog.  She had the pins available to download AND walked me through setting them up on my page!

Step 8: Set up Mailchimp.  Once again, I knew an email list was necessary because I will be in this business for a long time, but I struggled again with getting it set up on my page.  I chose Mailchimp because of my research and because it was FREE.  If you don’t know by now, free is one of my favorite words:)  Marie Mwimba also has information available about really building up your email list available here.

The wonderful thing about Mailchimp is that they have step by step instructions for everything.  This also happened to be one of the reasons that I found it so difficult.  However, to get your email list built, embedded, and even where it pops up when visitors come to your site, visit here.  Very helpful, and like I said, step by step instructions.

Step 9: Launch your site!  Of course, there will be a lot of follow up from here, but you are now up and running.  Sign up for my newsletter to find out when these follow up posts come out and Happy Blogging!

5 Ways For Mother’s To Build Strong Relationships With Their Daughter’s!

Hi again!

I went to a family function today (housewarming for my niece), and had a bit of an epiphany when my mother arrived.  You see, my mother and I have always had a strained relationship, and time has only made it even more strained.  Anywho, the epiphany that I had was that I would do anything to guarantee that my relationship with my daughter does not turn out the way that my relationship with my mother has.  That is what has inspired this post.  My daughter and I have an incredible relationship at this time, and I would like to share with you some of the things that we do as a mother/daughter duo to keep our relationship strong.

*Disclosure: This blog does include affiliate links.  This means that if you click on the link and purchase something through it, I will be paid a commission with no extra cost being charged to you.  Although affiliate links are included, all opinions are based on my actual feelings of the products.

  1. Start a beauty routine together.  Every two weeks, my daughter and I visit the hair salon.  After becoming beautified, we go shopping, out to eat, or even to a movie together.  The guys in our life know that when we go to get our hair fixed, it will be an all day event because that is our day alone.  I also love the fact that getting my 10 year old daughter used to this routine will help her take better care of herself in the future.


2. Run a marathon together.  My daughter and I ran/walked the Color Run 5k together.  This was my second time running the marathon, but her first.  I had a great time the first time, but running it with my daughter was indescribable!  We encouraged each other but still had a lot of fun!  If running is not an exciting topic for you, we have also done a river tubing trip together.  River tubing is less strenuous, and sitting in a tube together for hours is definitely a way to build your relationship!

By the way, if you really like the scrapbook page, visit Creativity, Inked.  This lovely lady happens to be my sister and often swipes pictures from my Facebook page to scrap with.  Thank you for the beautiful graphics Sis!


3. Start a mother/daughter journal together.  Amazon sells these amazing journals that provide writing prompts for you and your daughter to really open the lines of communication up with.  These journals really take the guess work out of what to write next, but if money is an issue simply make up your own writing prompts and use a regular spiral notebook.

4. Get hands on!  This could involve building wreaths together, gardening, doing household chores together (my daughter enjoys doing laundry with me), or making t-shirts together (tye dye is our favorite).  It really does not matter what you decide to do or make, just that it is something that you two are able to do together!

5. Get her interested in your career.  My daughter already wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so that is an easy one for me.  She helps me grade papers, joins me on teacher workdays, and even helps me prepare for work stations or games.  This is even more time that we are able to bond over, and it also helps me not have to do so much work on my own!


My daughter and I are pretty adventurous, and we love hands-on activities (as you can tell from this post).  Please leave us your suggestions on things that you and your daughter do together to help keep your relationship strong.  Thanks for visiting!


Appreciate That Teacher! Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

As a teacher, I understand how great of an impact Teacher Appreciate Week has on teachers.  Imagine if you will, you have not had a day off of work since Spring Break, and your job involves you dealing with 95 teenagers each day!  You have worked from 6am-6pm each workday, and you spend your weekends trying to catch up on grades or reading your teaching administration manual (TAM’s) to prepare for the dreaded standardized testing.  And speaking of testing, you are super stressed because the next week of your life will involve being crammed into a room with 25 of those afore mentioned teenagers while they are tested as if their lives depend on it.  You also have to find time for the IEP, 504, BIP, and special review meetings in a day where you are not even allotted a planning period because of those stupid, I mean standardized, tests.  Parents who you have not been able to contact at all this year are all of a sudden calling and emailing to set up meetings with you to find out if their child (who has failed the other 3 quarters) has any chance to pass for the school year.  Even though you want to tell them that Jesus is the only one who can save them from failure, you instead schedule an appointment into your already booked day.  And all of this is before we even mention the spring fever like behavior being exhibited by these hormonal teenagers who are also tired and stressed!  AAAAAH!!!

As a teacher, I find myself dealing with hungry children who I keep a stash of snacks for, fixing hair (when I don’t even like to do my own), giving advice on all types of situations, bringing in school supplies for those who need them, giving medical advice (water is always the answer), and being a mediator between students so that my school does not turn into the next RHOA!

The point all of all of this is to say please appreciate your child’s teacher in any way possible.  As teachers, we are really not picky, we just want to know that what we do is not going unnoticed.  It is okay if you do not know where to start when trying to show the teachers in your life that you appreciate them- I have some insider information that could help out.

*Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links, and although I am compensated (with no extra cost to you) through Amazon if you purchase any of these, all of these opinions are truly my own.

  1. Gift Cards.  Teachers LOVE gift cards!  We do not care if it is $5 or $50, we get excited when we see that little card!  My favorites are for Starbucks, Subway, and Amazon.  The Subway gift cards are wonderful because they come in a pack of 3 for $10.  My son is in middle school and has 6 teachers, so I could purchase two of those packs and be finished with his teachers.


2. Candy or other food items.  Most teachers have a fondness for cupcakes, cookies, chocolate,  and any other sugary item.  The Dollar General near my home sells large Hershey (with almonds) bars with teacher appreciation quotes already written on the package.  You could also design your own labels and tape them to a normal sized bar.  My favorite food item that I have received this year was a large cupcake from a local bakery- Small Cakes.  Delicious!


3. Coffee Mugs or Monogramed Tumblers.  Teachers LOVE cheesy coffee mugs, such as this one from Amazon.  We also love items that keep our beverages cold or hot for long periods of time since we frequently work without many breaks.  I received this monogramed Yeti this year.  It has definitely made my favorites list.

Here is a Yeti from Amazon that you could monogram for a similar effect on a teacher!


4. Jewelry or other babbles.  We love trinkets that we are able to wear so that students know how much we appreciate their gifts.  This affordable leather bracelet from Amazon is perfect for any female teacher!  Key chains, necklaces, earrings, and other items are popular as well.


5. Scarves, ties, and socks.  Once again, we are cheesy and love to wear these cheesy items for our students!


6. Bath, body, and spa supplies.  As teachers, we work hard during the day and like to really unwind at night.  A long bath using relaxing bath sets like this , or lavender lotion like this really go a long way towards helping us unwind.  Bath bombs are another spectacular option!


7. School Supplies- We often purchase pencils, paper, tissue, and glue with our paychecks.  Buying for only one child is inexpensive, but buying for 90+ gets mighty expensive.  It is no wonder that we get so excited when parents buy us extra school supplies!


8. Books.  Teachers are life-long learners who read throughout the year.  Coloring books are also very popular amongst us.  Talk with your child to see what their teacher enjoys and purchase a book in that genre.


9. Coupons offering your time.  This time of year, teachers are packing up their rooms, removing items from the walls, and cleaning or reorganizing their spaces.  Your child could get creative and make a coupon offering their time to help the teacher with some of these tasks.  I love when my students do these things for me, as they are daunting tasks that take away from the many other things that I need to be doing.


10. Letters, Drawings, or Poems from the heart.  If your child has a teacher who has really made an impact on them, have them write their feelings down in some format (poem, song, letter, etc.) and present that to their teachers.  I have many students who draw or color pictures for me, or write me letters about the difference that I have made in their lives.  I hang every one of them up because they remind me of why I went into this profession and also make me feel as if I have accomplished my goal.

I hope that this list has helped you decide to appreciate those teachers, and also gave you some ideas for how to do that.  This list will fit into any budget, and if you are an Amazon Prime member, items purchased offer free 2 day shipping!  Please leave comments to let me know what your favorite teacher appreciation gift is!

Hello world!

Hello World!  My name is Agnes and I am the face behind Moteapreneur!

Moteapreneur is a lifestyle blog-ness (blog/business) that chronicles  my  passions: teaching and making money on the side!  Here is a little background about me:


I have been married for 11.5 years and have 3 children, and am also the youngest of 6 children.  I have a very close relationship with my siblings and my father.  My family is the motivation behind me being so devoted to building wealth and making sure that our 5 year plan comes to fruition!


Teaching is something that I have always wanted to do, although I did not start pursuing it until I was almost 30 years old!  I graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in 2011, and have now been teaching for 4.5 years.  I was nominated Teacher of the Year for the 2016-2017 school year, and I found my purpose when I began teaching.  Hopefully the passion that I feel for my career comes through in my posts and inspires you to find your purpose as well.


This is my first attempt at a blog, although I have considered it many times in the past. Blogging is the perfect opportunity to share more of my passions with the world. 

Side Businesses

Blogging is only one of the side businesses/ventures that I have taken on.  I sell on Ebay and pick up freelancing jobs at times.  In the past, I have tried real estate, insurance, selling on Amazon, and so many more things!  Securing multiple lines of income is one of the keys to building wealth.  Everyone should have at least 5 different lines of income!  The best part is that you are not stuck with any of them.  If you don’t like what you are doing, move on to something else!


There are so many opportunities in this life, but we have to open our minds and work to shape our futures!  Look at the world around you-so many people have made their lives into exactly what they want them to be.  These people should be our inspiration to do the same!  Please leave comments and introduce yourself or share your thoughts!