Hello From That Chick in the Mirror!

Hi all and welcome to That Chick in the Mirror!

That Chick in the Mirror focuses on learning to be happy with yourself, and working to change the things that you are not happy with.

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I grew up as the youngest of 6 children.  We were pretty poor, but also pretty happy.  It is funny saying that considering the many challenges that we faced.  We were raised by a single father who worked at least 12 hours each day.  Our mother was in and out of our lives, and spent many years making life more difficult than it already was.

My issues started when I was about 13.  I gained a good bit of weight (even though I would love to be that size now)!  I had huge gaps in my teeth, and also went through a really awkward phase.  Going through speech therapy when I was younger caused me to be extremely self-conscious about speaking.  This led to me spending more time with books than with people.


I am now 34 with a husband and 3 children.  After many years of trying to figure out what my purpose was, I became a middle school teacher.  For the most part, I have a lot of things exactly where I want them.  However, it is ironic that regardless of how many things are together, we always focus on the things that are not.

That is where I have been lately.  I have been spending so much time thinking about the things that are not yet where they should be, that I have not been enjoying life or relishing in my accomplishments!


This blog is meant to serve many purposes.  One is to share with others how I overcame the odds to accomplish the things that I have.  Two is to keep myself accountable while meeting my remaining goals.  And three is to help meet my financial goals.  Blogging is one of the many side businesses that can be used to make extra money.  If you feel the urge to start a blog yourself, do so using Bluehost by clicking on the link below.


They taught us in Pre-K that caring is sharing!  To stay informed, follow me or share my posts.  Also feel free to leave a comment!